by Al Murb

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For David Berman and all my current and future dead pets.

Recorded May-August 2019 at The Pod, The Vole Hole, an apartment in Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Germany, Lietzensee Park, Berlin, Germany.


released August 9, 2019

Songs/lyrics by Al Murb

Al Murb - Vocals, Guitars, Drum Programming, Live Percussion, Synths/Keyboard/shenanigans, Sampling and Production

Shotgun Morris - Vocals

Beastmaster - Vocals

Art/layout by Jim Ripoff.


all rights reserved



Al Murb Pocatello, Idaho

I guess we're doing this.

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Track Name: Al Murb's Dream
A perfect day to sob out in public
Not the place to let your little monsters roam
The meditation though
I loved it.
Could have been better in retrospect
You know?
But that’s okay.
And maybe all of my opinions might change.

Friends say that they’re busy
But they’re playing video games all day
I say that I’m busy too
But I’m making these songs that nobody’s gonna listen to.
Productivity and truth
They flew the coop together.
Whether or not I’ll ever even get there remains to be seen.

I don’t want to be lonely anymore
And I don’t wanna be crumpled up on the floor
I hope.
That’s my dream
Third after courage and the best players joining my team.

We don’t know why we’re all drifting
Should I just start lifting more?
No, I think I’ll just let it simmer.
Track Name: Coinz
Shitty boyfriends galore inside this jewelry store
Noncommittal to the core and not caring anymore
Soon to be ex-girlfriends clapping while bowling
Get over yourselves
He only bowled a 54.

I’ve got much more worth than these people in my coin collection.

One year ago today you’re crying in my passenger seat
Right now I’m eating Egg McMuffins in yours
I forgot those motherfuckers had meat
Ashamed, but never more boosted.
Boosted, but never more unsure.
Unsure and lost, but still never ever ever ever this clear.
Clear as backwash.

Kissed by the sun
Soulmated by clouds
You were always right
I say the stupidest shit out loud.
Track Name: Son, Friend, Truck Unloader
Wearing parrots on my shirt
The flowers counteract them
I’m facing my fears one Polish purchase at a time
I was supposed to get my job back sooner than this
Now I just hope it happens sooner than the next lunar eclipse.

Fuck these episodes of overthinking it all.

My dental floss expired
Did I forget to buy a lid?
The plaque on my teeth lasted longer than my commemorative plaque at work did.
I had to quit
But I won’t quit the jelly beans
If I end up on death row
Now you know my final treat.
Will you come back and visit me?
That’s all that I’m asking
That’s all that I’m allowed to say
Everything is all that I’m allowing myself to give away.

I put my best friend’s artwork smack dab in the middle of my wall
My mom put my resignation letter on hers
It hurts to be the way that I am sometimes.
In love with a person who’s the perpetrator in their own hard knock life.

Fuck, these are reruns.

Fuck, I hate this.

Kissed my dog’s paw back then and called it totally marvelous
I drove by Taco John’s
I’m on a diet but my nose is starving for attention and touch
I offer my hand to your back as a sign of trust
Okay, I’ll admit that was way too much.

I’m sorry.
Sorry for apologizing all the time.

I’ve waited five years for this moment I’m considered free
I don’t know what to do
It is rapidly approaching
Hoping that it all still comes to fruition
Hoping that I’m good enough for everyone
But mostly myself

Fuck, you’re not coming back, are you?

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